Whether you are teaching basic skills to infant school children or programming and engineering to secondary school and university students, we help teachers and education professionals to create the perfect robotic teaching solution for all learning environments.

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and maths) are brought to life with this visceral, highly interactive learning experience. NAO is especially successful when used to engage children with special learning challenges, such as autism.

Although ready to use, NAO is also fully programmable, and we at Emotion Robotics are the UK’s leading provider of bespoke solutions for your specialist needs. Our experience in both special needs and standard educational environments has been reinforced by our involvement in the development of the Aldebaran Assist Kids with Robots system (ASK NAO).

NAO, from Aldebaran, represents the leading hardware and software platform for investigating and learning about robotics, both social and technical. Available with prebuilt applications, an ‘App Store’ and programming tools from simple ‘drag and drop’ through to Java, Python and C++ SDKs. To find out more call 01276-37708