Daemon3D Print

3D Printers have been proven globally to show immediate school-wide results in all subjects, most notably for STEM, through kinaesthetic learning.

The biggest challenge with 3D Printing is having the knowledge and support your school needs.

At Daemon3D Print, we are the leading experts in the 3D Print Industry, selling a wide range of the latest 3D printers and accessories with the free resources and full service support your department needs.

We are available to answer any question you might have—in person, on the phone or online.

We believe it’s our responsibility to share our knowledge with our customers whilst providing excellent post-sales support and ongoing service. The professionals at Daemon3D Print can offer valuable advice and support on your schedule, for every step in the process.

The latest 3D printers are now comparable to the prices of PC’s and laptops. We create bespoke packages within your budget to fit your schools’ needs.

Daemon3D Print has not only the products but the resources your classroom needs to create year-long memorable 3D experiments and projects for all subjects including: free project ideas, lesson plans, and valuable feedback from other teachers.

Check out our 3D Education page for original classroom resources.