Bigtopmania is a circus company based in Bristol, one of our specialties lies in providing exciting circus shows and workshops to schools across England. The main thing that sets us apart is that we offer a circus show that can thoroughly inspire your pupils and staff included with every circus workshop booking. This guarantees focused groups and doubles up as an inspiring role model visit. Regularly referred to by teachers as ‘the best assembly visit they’ve had’, our circus day is the perfect educational treat for teachers as well as pupils. Schools mainly book us as a house reward, a kick start to a circus topic or used in line with sports premium funding to provide an alternative option to mainstream sports.

The format for most bookings includes a morning circus show with the whole school in place of an assembly, a video of which can be seen on our website.

We then take individual classes for 45 minute circus workshop sessions where they will get a chance to try plate spinning, juggling, diabolos and flower sticks. On special bookings we can even bring our circus tent, tightropes and trapezes.