Awesome Apps Ltd

Awesome Apps Ltd provides software applications and systems based around engineering, artistic and science applications using scanning and 3D printing techniques. Productive use of scanning and 3D printing depends substantially on the use of embedded and networked software.

The company provides a range of both CAD and CAM software as well as scanners ranging from automatic geometric capture to hand held metrology class systems.

Using the MoonRay 3D printer at its core the system provides a flexible but professional unit for team designs in the STEAM subjects. As well as being very precise and of solid design, this robust system has a low lifetime cost thanks to the UV LED projector, long life resin tank and as an open system can employ both industry standard and bio medical grade resins. Supports for the part are automatically produced and based on optimal support patterns. A wireless application enables the MoonRay to be linked or managed externally while the 20 micron layer thickness assures the finest detail production.

Available in different versions aimed at the professional artistic and jewellery applications as well as dental or medical and the engineering sectors, the versatile Moonray has proprietary smoothing routines adapted for specific applications and resins. With over 30 years of CAD/CAM/CAE experience Awesome Apps has ample abilities to provide advice and consultancy in a range of applications and across many sectors.