ZestNutriplanner was the result of a collaboration between Ian Hayes, a software engineer with over 45 years’ experience and David O’Malley a chef/caterer with over 47 years catering industry experience.

ZestNutriplanner is proud to provide a complete web based solution for recipe and menu management, financial control, planning and dietary analysis, and importantly allergen management. ZestNutriplanner have developed a unique tool that shows all the allergens in each of the menu items for customers with allergen needs without the need to wade through reams of paper.

The Zest software system has been designed to focus on four primary modules.

The core primary module, “Mise-en-place” is mandatory for each subscriber. However, each subsequent module, (Trakker, Landlord/Sundries and Finance), can be added as required with an additional subscription.

Part of the successful feature of the core module “Mise-en-place” is that ZestNutriplanner has designed a template for the user’s individual suppliers to complete, which includes product costs and nutritional and allergen information. This then allows the subscriber to have real live information to manage their catering service. Updates on prices or changes in allergen information from these suppliers can be automated or updated as product price or ingredient details change, thereby ensuring the information used is accurate. Once updates are loaded the allergen content, nutritional detail, recipe and menu costs are instantly updated, making easy work out of keeping this vital detail accurate.

In addition to the many features available in the core “Mise-en-place” you can attach photographs of your food offer and up load short training video’s into the method section for recipes, thereby underpinning the standards you want to set for your food service.

The other modules provide a wide spectrum of solutions. Summarised here are just a few of these.

Finance - This module provides a full range of control measures, invoicing of goods received, cash control, supplier management, labour scheduling and cost, P& L analysis and performance across flexible periods chosen by you.

Landlord/Sundries – This is a simplified version of the core module “Mise-en-Place” which allows the user to have a separate bar service accounting system or use for non-food consumables. The bar module will allow multi-level tariff and multi-bar locations for larger sites with different sales points.

Trakker – This allows the tracking of individual nutritional needs, allowing for the specific setting of individual nutritional targets across a chosen calendar period. It is very suited to any environment where there is a need to monitor closely nutritional and dietary intake.

All the modules, where the information is relevant, can be linked into the finance module. There is no need for double entry. This includes such features as consumption and purchases, which, when the menu management feature is used to its full extent, will work out what resources are needed to achieve the expected sales volume, taking into account stock held on site, so you only order what you require thus reducing wastage. The stock feature has the capability of including “use by” dates included and will show up as amber 5 days before an item is past its date and red when it goes out of date.

One very unique feature that the system offers, particularly relevant in today’s market, is our “Allergen Kiosk”. This enables, via tablet, PC or laptop, the subscriber to enter allergens to be avoided and then run this against their menu offer. In seconds the system will only show menu items that DO NOT contain those allergens. This will result in a much quicker selection options for your customers.

All modules have been designed to be accessed via tablet or IPad. All that is required is internet connection. Included in the features for larger operations with multi-site locations is the ability to have a full hierarchy structure from Head Office and regional management through to end user.

The system is widely used amongst many branches of the catering industry but has been especially well received in the School and Care catering environment.

Our system is also capable of populating labels for meeting the new “Natasha’s’ Law” legislation.