The way you process payroll is about to get easier

EduPay is an entirely different offering to the payroll marketplace, offering a refreshing and updated alternative to traditional payroll bureaus and software.

For a start, EduPay has been designed specifically for education and, as such, easily facilitates things such as Teachers and Local Government Pensions, term time contracts, enhanced maternity etc. EduPay keeps on top of changes in legislation and carries all of the technical payroll knowledge within its standard features so you don’t need to employ any payroll trained staff.

EduPay blurs the lines between software and a traditional bureau service. The system takes all of the positive elements of a bureau and incorporates them into the software, so that things like pension contribution calculations, maternity and paternity pay, processing of expenses etc. are automated within the system. Not only does this save time by cutting down on the many man-hours needed to successfully process a pay run, but it also eliminates inevitable human error.

Breaking the mould and improving on traditional models

With a traditional bureau, the risk of fluctuating levels of customer service can lead to unwelcome workload and stress as payday approaches. With information going back and forth between you and your service provider, any delay in response time could make the difference between your staff getting paid accurately and on time, and payday queries around missed payments.

Because the clever systems within EduPay are built to handle the processes normally carried out by a bureau team, you’ll never need to worry about missing your deadline or having to depend on a third party. You have access to all of your data and are able to easily manage it whenever needed- you’re in control.

If you do feel more comfortable with the human touch that comes with a bureau, then rest assured that you’ll have access to one of our dedicated payroll experts, who can help you out if things get tricky or you’re in need of reassurance.

With intuitive screens and built-in processes that essentially guide users through the system, the need for technical payroll knowledge is eliminated. You won’t need to hire additional personnel to run EduPay- the system is built to handle and grow with an expanding MAT.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Expectations when choosing a payroll provider are generally quite simple: accurate payments, reliable service, knowledge and experience in education, good value for money and high standards of customer care. A school business manager from a twelve school MAT in the south east said:

“After having trouble with our previous payroll providers, we were initially apprehensive about switching provider.

However, EduPay’s team ensured that we were supported and confident throughout set-up. We rolled out the system to our 600+ employees in April and were delighted with the ease and accuracy that EduPay provided us with.

EduPay is transforming how we we run payroll. The finance team are not payroll experts, so we were relieved to find that EduPay actually does do the hard work for us. It’s accurate and it saves us time. The initial training session ensured that we had everything we needed to get off to the best start. It’s reassuring to know that there will always be support at the end of the phone if we need it too.”

EduPay’s unique portal and app gives your employees great visibility and control over their data.

They can view payslips, complete electronic timesheets and expense forms, update their details and much more in the touch of a button. Employees can also request time off and calculate payments for maternity or paternity etc.

As an EduPay customer, you can expect not only the best product, but the best levels of service for you and your employees.

The Ultimate Business Managers Toolkit

EduPay links seamlessly with Orovia’s budget planner, BPS, which also links into most major finance systems.

These links save you countless man-hours as duplicate data entry is effectively eradicated.

Your employee module in BPS supplies the information for EduPay, meaning that payroll reconciliation is automated and your budget monitoring simplified. With the addition of integrated HR modules in the coming months, EduPay really is the ultimate business managers toolkit.

If you want more information, or a quick, free online demonstration, please call or email us or visit our website, but be quick: 2019 go-live availability is filling up fast.

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