Sustainable Energy Solutions – Reduce Your Energy Overheads with No Capital or Ongoing Costs.

What do Eden do?

Eden provide no cost energy reduction solutions for the education sector, and work with you to disseminate the message to the school and community. Eden generate financial savings, environmental benefit, and student empowerment. Eden have been shortlisted for multiple industry awards over the past few years.

Case Study: “The UK’s largest solar school”

“As far as we know we have the largest solar array on a school in Britain. One thing everyone knows is the price of electricity will carry on going up,
so fixing the price with an Eden PPA is great for Wellacre moving forward.”

Mrs Christine Ellis, Business and Finance Director, Wellacre Academy

The 430kW solar array in Manchester is saving the school over £20,000 per year and including inflation this is expected to be around £2m over 25 years. Eden take care of all operations and maintenance. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure the power plant functions as planned for the duration of our relationship.

What is Eden’s mission?

The Eden Sustainable group of companies was founded by Steve Baker, the social entrepreneur and property expert and Scott Burrows, renewable energy industry stalwart, with the aim of delivering investments which go beyond their sound financial basis.  
“In the education sector there is a need to both constantly reduce energy overheads and to educate and empower students to make the sustainable decisions of the future.  By installing sustainable energy technology such as solar power at no cost to your school, and by working with you to disseminate the key messages to the pupils, we find there is a stark and surprising simple alignment of goals”

Scott Burrows, Founder and Director, Eden Sustainable 

How does it work? 

With a power purchase agreement (PPA) structure, schools do not need to incur any upfront of ongoing costs in order to start achieving the direct and indirect benefits.  The PPA grants Eden permission to install solar power and to supply electricity to the site at greatly reduced, fixed rates.  Furthermore, key organisations such as the Solar Trade Association have emphasised the importance of this kind of arrangement to ensure schools are not penalised by planned Business Rate hikes.

Cutting Edge Technology

Solar power is often seen as the obvious choice, and is sometimes the more visible technology, but there is a smorgasbord of exciting potential options available which can be installed individually or co-located. These range from solar, to battery storage, to sustainable energy cooling solutions. Eden take a whole house perspective to find the right solution for you.

Eden is committed to developing and investing in sustainable, renewable energy assets that perform effectively over the long- term. Eden’s engineers have a 20-year track record of successful solar and biomass installations across the UK and all installations are designed to perform as planned over a period of 25 years.

Eden have your project funding already secured, thanks to the nature of the organisation. With in-house solar, biomass and commercial property experts, the Eden team is well placed to take you through every phase of the development process, including:

  • options appraisal
bespoke system design
  • construction
operations and maintenance.


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