A Star Education

A Star Education is a publisher with a mission to make the best educational resources more affordable and more accessible for teachers and students.

Specialising in History, Maths and Science, we produce e-books and interactive teaching and assessment materials. Our products are built for teachers giving lessons on interactive whiteboards at the front of class, for students revising on the bus to school with a smartphone and all use cases in between. Designed to be digital first, our content is ready for every type of computing device from PCs and tablets to mobile phones - and we produce the technology that guarantees our products work on all of those devices.

Optimising technology

Smartphones have a crucial role to play because no matter how software is delivered, it must work on the devices that are in the hands of teachers and students - and for students, the most common device they have to hand is their phone. These are powerful tools which make ‘anywhere, anytime learning’ feasible and providing software that works across different systems helps to remove some of the barriers to implementing a "bring your own device" policy.

All of our content is developed using our MasterClass platform, which allows us to output content in any suitable format, including HTML5, dramatically lowering development time and cost. This means that one creative process produces content that is accessible on any device (Android, iOS, PC, Windows 10 app, Chromebooks, Apple Mac), and the content automatically adjusts to fit any screen size.

But the advantages of MasterClass don’t stop there. Powerful inbuilt animation features and visual, touch-based tools mean that our software offers the highest levels of interactivity, making full use of the capabilities of every device.

Exceptional content

The History Matters suite of resources is our first to launch and offers exceptional materials for anyone wanting to learn more about history.

Topics are covered with bookshelves, presentations and timelines. We produce books for classroom-based learning as well as texts for further reading, from modern and contemporary sources, providing a mini-library which students, staff and parents alike can access.

Timelines and presentations offer excellent introductions and summaries to topics, or add focus to particular events.

Carefully researched and illustrated throughout, the content can be viewed on any device and does not require a permanent internet connection, so it is always available to students to use anywhere.

For more details, visit www.history-matters.co.uk and for demonstrations of our Maths and History products, visit us at BETT 2018 on stand G91.