Standards Tracker by Educate – making performance management easy!

Performance Management should be ongoing, strategic and meaningful.

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in appraisal and performance management in schools, we understand the changes that have seen the need for PM processes to be reviewed and enhanced.

Having a simple, easy to administer and engaging system that also needs to be robust and transparent is paramount. Through understanding the changes and needs of school leaders for a simple, yet effective PM solution, rather than a meaningless, once a year tick box exercise, we discovered there was a need for a solution that ensures schools and organisations can:

  • turn performance management into a continuous development programme,
  • strategically target development priorities based on accurate information,
  • provide Governors and Ofsted with simple, effective summaries of performance,
  • highlight areas of development need early,
  • demonstrate what is being done to address areas of weakness,
  • make robust performance related pay decisions,
  • show impact of progress in the quality of teaching and learning, and school improvement targets.

We realised it was hard to find, especially something simple and easy to use, whilst still being effective and impactful on school improvement and staff performance; and also, not too time consuming or too complex. We wanted to make it easy.

This is why we created Standards Tracker - to make performance management easy.

Standards Tracker is now one of the leading online staff performance and school improvement management systems.

Staff are the biggest cost of any school, upwards of 80% of the budget. Protect and get the best out of your investment in them with a robust and transparent tool that transforms performance management and goes beyond appraisal.

All too often, performance management and appraisal is seen by teachers as an exercise that is done to them, that doesn’t provide effective feedback or result in any career development.

Standards Tracker readdresses that balance and makes performance management a two-way process where staff feel empowered and in control of their career development.


Standards Tracker enables you to see where different strengths and weaknesses occur within all your staff – teaching, support, office and operations. Good practice is shared and staff can be paired for mentoring purposes. Standards Tracker can help you to easily support your staff using the skills and talent within your own organisation.

  • Using Standards Tracker enables you to easily identify staff with excellent practice to use the skills and talent within your school to better implement personalised and whole school CPD for other staff. 
  • As part of their own development, your strong staff members can mentor, coach and lead individuals, groups or run whole school training sessions at zero cost. 
  • By utilising the existing talent already in your school, your CPD budget can be protected for when external provision is required.


OECD studies show that 71% of teachers reported a moderate or large change in their confidence as a result of feedback, and over 60% reported a moderate or large change in their teaching practices and levels of job satisfaction.

  • Standards Tracker provides a tangible source of support and guidance to staff; meaning there is no second guessing, trying to remember what was said, not knowing what is expected when and by whom, or surprises for anyone in the process. 
  • Staff feel more valued and the culture in school becomes more enabling and rewarding. Levels of job satisfaction and staff morale increase.
  • Staff are more likely to remain in post and seek additional responsibilities in a nurturing and comfortable environment. Feedback is key, as is support when needed. Standards Tracker enables these opportunities continuously throughout the school year and appraisal/performance management cycle.

Save hours and even days of administration time for your staff and school leaders, meaning they can focus on other important priorities.

  • One Headteacher told us that within just a few months of using Standards Tracker, they had saved over 14 hours per team leader. 
  • Another Headteacher told us Standard Tracker has saved 6 hours when reporting internally, and 4 hours when reporting to Governors every time.


The quality of teaching and learning, and effectiveness and impact of leadership and management decisions are evidenced through triangulation, assessment and feedback; matching school requirements with staff talent and expertise, as well as informing SEFs and SIPs / SDPs.

  • The reporting functions within Standards Tracker give you solid evidence to show Governors, Boards and Inspectors on how the school is progressing and improving against key performance indicators. 
  • Provide visual representation and evidence for the impact of CPD and performance management of staff.

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