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Power Solutions

Understanding your energy consumption can help your school save money whilst reducing your school’s impact on the environment.

With UK government schemes urging schools to reduce carbon emissions, it’s also a chance for energy costs to be reviewed at the same time. Power Solutions are an energy broker based in Chester with over 12 years’ experience of helping customers save money. We’ve helped schools and other public sector organisations across the country save on gas, electricity and water costs while reducing their carbon output.

According to the Carbon Trust “UK schools could reduce energy costs by around £44 million per year which would prevent 625,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.”

How does your school benefit?

  • Reduced costs and enhanced learning environments.
  • Staff and students will have improved comfort conditions, boosting productivity and morale.
  • Students can experience ‘real world’ activities when exploring energy efficiency in class.
  • Parents and the wider community could reduce their own energy use as a result of pupil action and awareness.
  • The environment will benefit from reductions in energy use and carbon emissions, enhancing school image.

There are some simple steps that any organisation can take to reduce energy consumption and, subsequently, energy costs:

Reducing Waste

Such as switching off lights, equipment, and appliances at the end of the day and throughout school holidays, and not just leaving them on standby. Another side of reducing waste is ensuring regular maintenance to the building; a regularly serviced boiler can save up to 10% on annual heating costs, and ensuring roof insulation is up to scratch could prevent massive heat loss. A great benefit of reducing waste is how quickly you will see results – your energy bills will be reduced almost immediately. Power Solutions provides tools to help monitor energy your energy use online with our energy dashboard and sub-metering, allowing you to keep track of where energy may be wasted and highlighting areas that need maintenance.

Asset Replacement

This includes replacing equipment such as lighting and kitchen appliances for more energy efficient counterparts. Using energy efficient equipment in kitchens could save up to 25% on energy costs, while LED lighting could also reduce bills by up to 85%. If you are unsure what energy reduction options are available for you, speak to Power Solutions, we will ensure you have the correct equipment for your needs, calculating saving projections correctly and carrying out installations to a high standard.


Introducing sources of renewable energy to your school can reduce your gross cost per kWh when producing heat and power. Although installation can be costly, and payback periods are longer, the end savings will be larger and last longer. Power Solutions can help identify what type of generation is best suited to your needs, while making the process easy to understand. We will also oversee the installations by our team of experts and provide tools to ensure your savings are easy to measure once it is complete.

Measure and Monitor

Managing energy usage in schools, colleges and universities can be difficult as it often involves monitoring consumption over several sites and across a variety of equipment. Power Solutions can help your school reduce energy costs while also helping you to monitor and manage your energy use through our energy dashboard.

Our energy dashboard has been developed specifically to help the education sector. By helping staff and students understand exactly how much energy they use and encouraging them to make small changes to their working habits, your energy bill could be reduced by as much as 8-15%. This awareness can be introduced and maintained through the energy dashboard, enabling individuals to regularly check energy usage via an online portal, as well as detailing the cost to the company and its carbon footprint. The energy dashboard helps identify patterns or spikes in energy use and highlights leaks or out-of-hours waste in order to help you make savings. This data can also be displayed in staff rooms or public spaces, such as reception areas or foyers, using eye-catching digital energy displays.

Power Solutions can help your school save money on energy bills while also helping to reduce your carbon output. We offer a no obligation quote, completely hassle free. Sourcing energy reduction strategies yourself can be overwhelming, but Power Solutions will make the process simple, easy and stress-free.

Energy Check

We have vast experience in negotiating and procuring the best value energy contracts for schools utilising our relationships with over 20 suppliers, securing the best prices to maximise your savings. Power Solutions will also recommend potential energy reduction strategies to achieve further reductions on your bills, such as the energy dashboard.

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