Optimum LED Lighting in The Education Sector

With tight budgets, cuts and stretched resources the lighting within educational establishments may not appear to be a top priority.

Investing in the right LED lighting is a fantastic way to ensure you don’t run into any of the above.

Our technology helps achieve this in the following ways:

1). Work directly with the brand behind the product, ensuring one port of call.
2). Built in intelligence (Sensor, dimming & daylight control)
3). Almost 100% eliminated maintenance & 5 year guarantee
4). Productivity and concentration are maximised when the correct LED lighting is installed.
5). LED lighting health and safety is at the highest standards.

LED By Vision is a renowned LED lighting specialist based in Hampshire and we work on local and national projects within the education sector. LED lighting represents the future of the lighting industry and we are proud to be at the forefront of developments.

Our cutting edge Carbon Trust accredited lighting products for interior and exterior applications are backed by our experienced and knowledgeable team of designers and partner installers. Giving you confidence across all tiers of a projects lifecycle.

We appreciate that no two locations have the same requirements so we offer versatility, dedication and responsive technology.

Occupancy sensors, dimming and daylight controls reduces costs further. Even if the humans forget to conserve energy, the technology won’t, and that’s invaluable.

Eye friendly LED lighting plays a key role in maximising concentration and productivity levels which are integral to good education and goal achievement.

We have a short video and calculator on our website which are simple to use and highly informative. We encourage you to spend a few minutes establishing how much money and energy you could save compared to your existing energy bills.

This is a popular option for education sector clients:
1200 X 600 panel LED lighting:

  • 45W and 70W.
  • Instant on.
  • No flickering.
  • Dimmable.
  • Daylight, natural and warm.
  • Extra lifespan of 40000 hours.
  • 73% energy savings.
  • 95% maintenance savings.
  • Save £1250. (Based on 45w.)
  • Save 5825kg carbon. (Based on 45w.)
  • 5-year guarantee.

Please don’t let grades, money and energy slip through your fingers. Contact us today for more information. LED by Vision design and deliver exceptional LED lighting solutions.