Modular Eco Buildings – a cheaper way to create inspiring spaces and enhance learning

TG Escapes design bespoke modular eco buildings for schools and colleges that encourage a connection with the natural world; create opportunities for outdoor learning and promote environmental citizenship. They use biophilic design principles which incorporate natural elements buildings at every available opportunity, offering occupants an opportunity to connect with nature and natural light. Optional sedum roofs support wildlife and reduce rain water run off.

Energy efficiency is woven into the fabric of each building which both cuts down on running costs and stimulates environmental awareness. Buildings are cheaper and quicker than a traditional build with a lifespan of up to 50 years.

Modular construction process saves time and disruption

Much of the construction occurs in a central manufacturing facility, eliminating on-site mess and waste and keeping materials safe from theft and the elements. While the modules are assembled elsewhere, on-site work such as foundation preparation and amenity connection can occur simultaneously, reducing both the construction period and labour costs. Furthermore, the fewer people and the less equipment needed on location, the quicker, quieter and safer the process, resulting in considerably less disruption.

Buildings can be easily expanded

A flexible design and build process will also have the advantage of accommodating future needs as they (and the funding) materialise. A project to be undertaken in several stages. For example, TG Escapes began construction of a large two storey block of classrooms in 2014. The first module provided eight classrooms to accommodate 210 students: phases 2 and 3 were completed by 2016 and the finished building now provides teaching space for 600 pupils.

Reduced running costs

Aside from reducing the building cost of additional classroom space, a well-designed modular build can also have the added advantage of substantially reducing running costs. Typically, older buildings are expensive to heat and poorly insulated. Using a modular provider with high energy efficiency credentials, can slash the day-to-day running costs, while adding in features like sun pipes, intelligent lighting and solar panels will not only save money but can be designed to be energy cost neutral.

Inspiring spaces improve learning outcomes

The biophilic designs serve to enhance the physical and mental well-being of students and staff alike.

Classrooms maximise the penetration of natural light into the learning space. Exposure to sunlight is essential for the synchronisation of circadian rhythms and hormone cycles, keeping sleep, digestive, mood and energy levels in balance. It also stimulates the production of serotonin which in turn confers a range of physical and mental benefits. Behaviour, concentration and learning ability have been shown to improve as a result.

Buildings are positioned in such a way as to provide a view of the natural world outside: there is a growing body of evidence that views of nature serve to mitigate the debilitating effects of chronic low-grade stress. However, being outside is perhaps the best stress antidote which is why the classrooms are designed to provide easy outside access effortlessly encouraging the opportunity for outdoor learning and play.

Being outside naturally promotes movement and physical activity, enhancing fitness and brain health. It has been shown to improve self-discipline, social interaction and concentration, resulting in students that are more able to engage with, and retain, taught material.

FREE site survey and proposal with no obligation

Every project starts with a FREE site visit and survey to fully understand the detailed requirements to provide a single all-inclusive price. They provide a full service which includes: planning permission, building regulations, demolition (if required), foundations, clearance and all service connections.

Learning Escapes stand alone, frequently on an underutilised site, providing bright, inspiring and secure learning spaces. Larger buildings can cost as little as £1200 per m2. All of which explain why TG Escapes have built over 700 eco-buildings in the last 12 years. Take a look at some of their case studies to see why most customers rate them 5 out of 5. TG Escapes buildings have won national awards and they are members of the British Educational Suppliers Association.

"You are in effect getting a permanent building for half the cost of bricks and mortar. We were intrigued by TG Escapes' different approach to learning environments and after visiting their other projects we were blown away." Lee Alexander, Head of Finance, Shotton Hall Academy

“Both children and staff love learning and working in the building due to the amount of natural light and space. Free flow access to a covered deck is a huge advantage so that outdoor learning can take place in all weathers.” Sam Patel, Director of School Development, Bickley Park School

A small school building can be ready to use in as little as six weeks from planning consent. To find out more call us, email us or book your free survey.

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