Integrex Limited

Integrex Limited have been Supplying the Education Sector with Innovative and Exciting Interactive Classroom Solutions now since it started trading in 1969.

As well as Manufacturing and creating our very own range of Special Needs Interactive Audio Visual Equipment, Integrex LTD has consistently kept up with the ever-changing face of technology within the everyday classrooms.

Interactive Teaching and Learning has become an Integral part of every school across the country for both the children and the staff enhancing learning and teaching between pupils and peers. From Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors to Interactive Panels, collaborative solutions and BYOD (Bring your own Device), the modern-day classroom is changing and Integrex Is here to support and help you this term with the implement of classroom technology.

Working with the likes of SMART, Promethean, ViewSonic, Clevertouch and many more we are able to offer a number of solutions to help achieve that level of learning, teaching and collaboration you are looking for.

Listed Below are just a few of the solutions we can offer you.

  • Interactive screens
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Electronic Sign in systems
  • Class VR
  • Projectors
  • Projector Maintenance contractors

This term we are also very excited to announce that we will be offering Class VR to schools in the way of a classroom based learning solution via the use of VR.

“Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology: a ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset complete with a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. ClassVR is a groundbreaking new technology designed to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. And it’s affordable!”.

We provide free demonstrations , full comprehensive training with product speacialists and in some cases, can arrange loan units to your school to try before you buy at no cost.

Our current and past clients include a number Schools all over the country, Derby City Council and many more.

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