Fresh Air Fitness Case Study: Ravenscote Community School Outdoor Gym

Fresh air Fitness are specialists in manufacturing and installing outdoor gym equipment into schools. With more than 1800 installations across the UK, we cater for all stages of education.

Ravenscote Community Junior School wanted their pupils to be more active throughout the day, especially during breaktimes. “We used the sports premium funding for the gym. We always look for things that will enrich the children’s learning as much as possible and so we used the funding for the project specifically because we felt it was so important for their healthy lifestyles.” David Harris, Headteacher,
Fresh Air Fitness supplied and installed a 9-piece outdoor gym from the Children’s KS1 & 2 range of equipment. The gym allows 18 children to exercise at one time and provides a variety of physical benefits including the development of cardiovascular and muscular strength, balance, co-ordination, and agility. It’s also lots of fun to use! 
“We chose to work with Fresh Air Fitness because they offered best value for money. The process from start to finish was easy, really smooth. From getting the quote through to completion. The actual installation took no time at all” David Harris “There was a mass of excitement when the gym was first installed, all the children wanted to go on it. And still now at break time and lunch time, there is never a piece that is not being used. They absolutely love it. It’s all about promoting healthy lifestyles.  We’re seeing children that at break times might have sat around are now queueing up to get active, which is great.”
“Using the outdoor gym as part of a PE lesson has been fantastic.  We can use it as part of a warm up, cool down or a full PE lesson.” Grant Simmons, PE Specialist
“The gym has transformed our morning break and lunch break”, Mr Morley, Deputy Head Teacher, “All children enjoy using the equipment, from the most athletic to those least engaged in PE, they all enjoy it and have enjoyed it since the moment it was installed.”
“I would recommend Fresh Air Fitness as a company, they are really easy to deal with; the equipment is first class and everything from start to finish has been absolutely fantastic.” David Harris “It’s a great resource and we want more!”