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Are you looking for a simple and effective way to match your lighting control to your occupancy demands – or do you simply need to reduce your lighting and energy costs? Did you know that 19% of a building’s energy use is down to lighting – lighting controls can help you cut that by up to 70%.

Ex-Or by Honeywell are acknowledged leaders in developing elegant and innovative lighting control systems that are easy to install, use and maintain. Our solutions help our customers to reduce their energy bills, lower their carbon footprints and improve comfort.

A lighting control system helps you maximise energy efficiency, and enhance comfort and productivity. We offer lighting controls for all applications which include presence detection, lighting management, architectural dimming and scene-setting and emergency lighting testing.

Lighting is the second largest consumer of energy in a building. To expand your building control even further, why not get your Ex-Or Lighting controls working with your Building Energy Management System (BEMS). This will improve the efficiency of your lighting systems, without compromising the comfort and performance of the space. Integrating the two systems also has the added benefit of maximising comfort and productivity by controlling and monitoring all facets of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which then operate in harmony with the lighting controls.

Making lighting control easy … for learning environments

Getting the light just right in a classroom environment is essential. Even a fraction too bright or too dim means people could struggle to read important information. With Ex-Or by Honeywell we’ve got it covered.

Daylight Harvesting - Maximise to the full the advantages of ambient daylight.

Space Control - Each row of lighting may have its own photocell/sensor or allow for area coverage.

Whiteboard Lighting - Operated as a separate switching group, increasing levels of control.

Making lighting control easy … with innovative new products

Our latest product innovation DALI in a room is a simple implementation of a powerful DALI addressable system, by means of a DALI addressable lighting control application (LCA) within the best in class Lightspot HD PIR sensor. It is ideal in modern work or learning spaces with open soffits and areas needing discrete fittings. DALI addressability gives the user total control of their lighting to enhance the lit space. From setting groups and scenes to regulating light levels that maximize the use of natural daylight. When combined with accurate occupancy data can result in energy savings of up to 70%.

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