e-StudentTracker is a web-based application that works with existing MIS systems to present managers, teachers, students and parents with a user-friendly single point of access to a range of academic and pastoral data. These allow for tracking of learner progress, with easy access to information which will empower staff and students. e-StudentTracker is made up of an ever-growing number of modules, all of which are optional additions to deliver an integrated solution specific to the needs of your college or school.

The Dashboard is the customisable secure portal of e-ST, personalised to each individual user based upon role. For most, the Dashboard, which is branded and styled to each individual college, has now become their intranet. e-ST gives easy access to detailed information alongside a powerful search facility and an effective gateway to data on academic performance, pastoral progress and welfare.

The Markbook is a fully comprehensive academic and vocational assessment recording and monitoring system. e-ST’s tracking capacity provides clear visual displays of learner progress data at aggregate and individual level. With easy to understand target grade and student progress tracking functionality it provides flexible ways of recording academic marks and calculating averages at student, topic and group level, providing powerful information for early intervention and support strategies.

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) module is a very flexible system that allows the creation of fully customisable subject and pastoral review forms with integrated target setting and student self-assessment at student or subject level. Processes can be introduced to facilitate student-teacher or student-personal tutor reviews in any particular order and the system is also capable of automatically generating reports for increased parental engagement.

The Pastoral module replaces all types of curriculum and pastoral communication concerning students including emails, paper trails and any bespoke systems. Ensuring every student matters with detailed pastoral log recording, the Pastoral module helps safeguard learners with a fully integrated system. The power of the Pastoral system is in the way it allows for ‘email-like’ communication, sending dynamic inbox alerts and collating all discussions within an auditable centralised system.

The Learner Support module is designed to record student support requirements. Acting as an effective communication tool, the module replaces emails, paper, and bespoke systems. Safeguarding can be improved with this fully integrated system which ensures all additional learner support needs are sensitively recorded and the relevant members of staff can be easily informed.

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