Castles Education

Castles Education

Castles is rapidly becoming the number one provider of bespoke education solutions in the UK, run by teachers for teachers.

We understand that the two biggest challenges facing the education system today are funding and system fragmentation. Without thoughtful system leadership, rather than encouraging cooperation, collaboration and consistency, we will develop an increasingly competitive and individualistic market place. One in which many, disparate stakeholders are vying in an ever increasingly aggressive manner, for limited resources. In the long-term, this approach may achieve an equilibrium that improves the lives of the young people in its care, but in the short and medium term, many within the system, including some of our most disadvantaged children, are going to struggle.

It is because of these challenges that our passion is the same as yours. It is our aim to help schools and academies to overcome challenges, improve standards and deliver better outcomes. Therefore, our team of experienced school leaders can provide targeted scaffolding to support your school improvement needs, whatever they may be. We can offer you whatever support you need in order to achieve this. From improving the condition of your school buildings to recruiting higher quality staff, our team of experienced school leaders will have a significant impact on the progress of your school.

The vast majority of us are in education for the right reasons. We commit (far too much in some instances) our thoughts, time and energy into improving the lives of young people. When you mix this passion and dedication with our internationally respected, broad and balanced curriculum, our profession can be more exciting, rewarding and inspiring than any other. Therefore, by offering bespoke education solutions, Castles Education will work collaboratively with you and your leadership team to provide reviews, recommendations and ongoing support in any aspect of school improvement including…

  • Teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Recruitment and retention.
  • Subject specific and curriculum development.
  • Self evaluation.
  • Performance management.
  • Action plans.
  • Leadership support.
  • Community development.

The challenges posed by an increasing skills shortage and reduced school funding, combined with rapid change to curriculum, GCSEs, assessment, school accountability and system re-organisation is creating a perfect storm. Competition amongst schools to secure a highly skilled workforce that can successfully navigate these challenges and make the most of the opportunities it provides, will inevitably create as many losers, as it will winners. Unfortunately, without wise and considerate leadership, history shows us that it is likely to be the students in schools that need our support the most that will suffer. System re-organisation in itself will not bring about system wide improvement. Neither will a redistribution of an insufficient number of high quality teachers and leaders. As an industry we must commit to increasing the number of teachers and other education professionals that can deliver the very best outcomes for our young people, day in and day out, in every classroom across the country.

It is because of this that we strive to help schools develop their capacity to ‘Grow their own’. Our graduate programme will enable you to attract, retain and secure your own ‘Talent Pipeline’. We will provide a continuous supply of highly skilled, motivated graduates that will enable you to grow your own workforce. They can fulfil a variety of roles including:

  • Learning Behaviour Mentors.
  • Academic Mentors.
  • Pastoral roles such as Assistant Heads of Year / House.
  • Subject specific tutoring (1-1 or small groups).
  • Intervention (1-1, small groups and/or in-class support).

In addition, we will offer intensive, frequent, high quality school-based coaching and mentoring for the graduates. There should be no such thing as a ‘fully’ qualified teacher. Teaching is an infinite endeavour. We should commit to getting better and better, each and every day. The day any of us think we know it all, is the day we should give it a rest.

We will provide HR and payroll support for these graduates, enabling you to focus solely and managing your new talent effectively and as with all products and services, our graduate programme can be tailored to meet your needs.