Atomwide is now in its 30th year of supplying ICT solutions for schools and the wider education sector. Back in 1987 BBC Micros and Acorns were the computers of choice for schools, and Atomwide built and developed solutions for them. Things have changed since then, and Atomwide is now an award-winning company that designs, develops and supports a range of over 50 products and services specifically geared for education and now in use by over 2 million staff, pupils and parents in over 3,000 schools nationwide.

Technology has a growing role to play in schools, helping prepare pupils for their future careers, driving pupil outcomes and quality of teaching. Not just for the classroom though, the right communication and administration tools can greatly help in the school office too.

When creating new products and services, the customer is at the heart of what Atomwide does, thereby ensuring that their products and services continue to meet the needs of schools and colleges. Atomwide maintain strong dialogue with teachers, SLT members and local authority advisors to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the latest school requirements and that their ever-expanding product range continues to be relevant.

  • Web filtering
  • Email filtering
  • VoIP telephony
  • Wireless networking
  • Audio visual
  • Cashless payments
  • Parental reporting
  • Online homework
  • Digital signage
  • Web hosting
  • Antivirus
  • Remote backups
  • School technicians
  • SIMS services
  • Network management

and more…

As a very customer-focused operation, Atomwide are proud of the outstanding service delivered to their customers who rightfully have high standards and expectations and limited budgets. Atomwide present a simple model to help schools here, the more services you bundle together, the more savings can be made. What’s more – it works! Atomwide’s ongoing Customer Support Survey yields a constant supply of positive feedback and shows a current, very high Net Promoter Score of 89.

Atomwide are the technical support partner for the London Grid for Learning. Together with LGfL, Atomwide partner with Virgin Media Business to offer the TRUSTnet broadband and managed services wrap to UK schools. Much more than just broadband, with TRUSTnet schools benefit from a service provider they can trust that boasts everything under one roof including high-speed connectivity, email, web filtering, email filtering, antivirus, Microsoft 365, web hosting, remote access, teaching and learning resources, parental engagement tools, cloud storage, dedicated help and support and much more. The best part… the TRUSTnet not-for-profit structure pays back into developing future educational services.

With their 30 years’ experience Atomwide have seen changes in both technology and education and have built a flexible, responsive business that can adapt to the changing demands schools have. With the notable increase of schools forming MATs Atomwide have made sure that where appropriate their services are designed to work across multiple sites. This is especially helpful for staff who travel across the trust, and want to be able to manage MAT-wide services and systems from one central location – where they are. For this reason, the majority of Atomwide’s solutions are cloud-hosted meaning for faster set-ups, no cumbersome equipment to install or maintain, anywhere logins, centralised support and much more. Just log in, customise and get started.

To give a flavour of the great IT services and exceptional value offered by Atomwide, they suggest schools set up OpenCheck - a free service available for all UK schools from Atomwide. Undoubtedly many schools will have experienced the frustration of needing to close in the event of an emergency or bad weather. OpenCheck allows schools a variety of ways to conveniently and quickly let parents know if school has had to close for any reason, via a dedicated website or push notification straight to a parent’s mobile, helping reduce the burden on the office when the phones are likely ringing off the hook.

For the full range of Atomwide products and services and to see the benefits they bring to schools nationwide please see their website or download their brochure. You can also watch a short video about their ICT services and support.

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If you have any queries or would like to discuss one or more of Atomwide’s services further please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of their team using the contact details below.

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