£1.27 million cost for Trojan Horse hearings

The BBC has revealed that misconduct hearings against teachers accused in the so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ inquiry in Birmingham reached a total cost of £884,055.

The Trojan Horse scandal occurred in 2014 when several schools in Birmingham were investigated amid claims of a Muslim hardliners' plot to control them. The former acting head teacher of Oldknow Academy in Small Heath, Jahangir Akbar, was the only teacher who was sanctioned, despite the Department for Education pursuing hearings against 14 individuals.

The case to ban from education Tahir Alam, the ex-chair of governors for three Birmingham schools that were investigated, also needed up costing £387,444 in legal fees.

Alam has said the cases were a ‘total waste of public money’ that achieved little, while Helen Monks, who wrote a play about the affair, said that the inquiry has ‘caused long-term damage’ and ‘divided communities’ in Birmingham.

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