Data requests from National Pupil Database put on hold

The government has stopped third parties accessing pupil data while it reviews its approval process.

The DfE's website says: 'From 1 May 2018 we are temporarily pausing applications for data extracts and will not process new applications. We are making changes to the approval process and will provide further information in June 2018.'

The DfE told the BBC that the temporary halt was required to be compliant with the GDPR, which comes into effect 25 May.

The national pupil database (NPD) contains detailed information about pupils in schools and colleges including test and exam results, prior attainment and progression at different key stages for pupils. The database also includes information about pupils’ characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals, and exclusions.

Extracts of this data are available for use, subject to approvals, by third parties conducting research and analysis into the effect of different educational strategies over time.

The BBC also says that there are requests from private companies, which use the data to aid education policy consulting services to local authorities.

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