BP supports primary science teaching with free resources

BP has launched a collection of free, curriculum-linked science learning materials in order to boost science learning in primary schools.

Science Explorers is specially designed for use by teachers who are not science specialists and takes a fun, interactive and whole-school approach.

It has been developed in light of research showing demand among primary school teachers and pupils for additional science teaching support.

The resources also include an app for primary school pupils aged five to 11.

According to BP, Science Explorers provides a “clear and simple way to start engaging children in science from an early age”.

The resources are designed to give young people ownership of their own scientific investigations, showing science learning as a relevant, everyday experience.

Available to all UK teachers, Science Explorers will help teachers to run a Science Day or Week for their class or the whole school – whether teachers have a science background or not.

With the Science Explorers training app, plus engaging videos and classroom activities focused on the science of everyday environments, Science Explorers aims to support schools and teachers in encouraging engagement with science from an early age.

Samantha Bulkeley, UK Schools education manager for BP, said: “The BP Educational Service is constantly responding to the changing needs of STEM educators in the UK.

“Given the evidence of a lack of confidence among primary school teachers when delivering science lessons, we wanted to create new resources that are equally appealing for both science specialists and non-specialists in science teaching.

“Science Explorers can further support schools in the important task of engaging and inspiring young pupil in science from as early an age as possible.”

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