Mental health provision in schools is low, says children’s commissioner

In light of World Mental Health Day, children’s commissioner Anne Longfield has published a report looking at the support available to young people with mental health problems.

According to the report, around one in four children with mental health problems had help in the last year.

Longford also states that despite the government’s claims to make mental health a priority, progress has been “unacceptably slow”.

As reported by Tes, the Longford also argues that “the government’s much-vaunted prioritisation of mental health has yet to translate into change at a local level”.

She wrote: “Progress in improving children’s mental health services has been unacceptably slow.

“I want to see a clear expectation as to what local areas should be providing, with transparency and accountability to ensure this happens.”

The report calls for the government’s Green Paper to change children’s mental health provision and also outlines a number of duties for schools.

Longford says that schools need to promote children’s wellbeing and establish a positive environment, as well as teach children of all ages about mental health and wellbeing.

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