Boris looking for applicants for next round of free schools

The Prime Minister has unveiled a new drive for the next wave of free schools, calling on parents, educational groups and community organisations to get involved.

The latest round of applications for the free schools programme is open to everyone, but particularly encourages applications from parts of the country that have not previously benefited, as well as alternative provision and special schools.

The government hopes to select up to 30 schools through Wave 14, subject to the quality of bids. This comes on the back of Wave 13, which announced 22 new schools and 19,000 new places.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "Free schools help to ensure children are getting the best education possible – offering exceptional teaching, encouraging strong discipline and providing families with more choices.
I want to see even more of these excellent schools open, particularly in areas most in need of more good and outstanding school places."

Free schools are new schools set up by parents, teachers, charities, academy sponsors and existing schools in response to demand from the local community. The newly-opened schools include primary, secondary and all-through schools, and sixth form colleges. Secondary free schools are among the highest performing state-funded schools in the country.

The deadline for submitting an application to open a new free school in Wave 14 is 11 November 2019.

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