Institute for Teaching and Ambition School Leadership to merge

Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching are to join together and become a new organisation that supports teachers and school leaders to develop in their profession.

Both organisations work with schools in challenging contexts that serve significant numbers of disadvantaged pupils, and by joining, they hope to have a “bigger impact”.

James Toop, CEO at Ambition School Leadership said: “The most important part of school leadership is creating the conditions for effective teaching to take place. The Institute for Teaching provides some of the highest-quality teaching programmes in the sector that help leaders to deliver their vision for pupils.

“I’m really proud that our combined programme offer will provide clear and coherent development pathways at every level.”

Matt Hood, Director of the Institute for Teaching, said: “Teachers and school leaders deserve as much effort to go into their development as they put into supporting their pupils. That’s why we believe that investing in the professionals who work in our schools not only helps them get better but means they are happier and stay in the profession for longer.

“Working with Ambition School Leadership gives us an opportunity to have an even greater impact.’

Work is currently underway to bring the two organisations’ programmes and participants together, leading to greater reach and impact in schools in challenging contexts across the country.

James Toop is CEO designate of the new organisation, and Matt Hood has been appointed as Interim Chief Education Officer.

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