Getting to the root of STEM education

Maggie Philbin explores STEM opportunities in schools and the career possibilities we should be making pupils aware of.

Equipping teachers and students for PE inclusion

Not all teachers have the confidence and skill set to ensure all students are included in school PE lessons. Kat Southwell, Active Kids for All manager at the English Federation of Disability Sport, explains what is being done to change this perception and how disabled pupils can benefit.

Get Set for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The British Olympic Association and the British Paralympic Association outline their youth engagement programme Get Set.

With a local offering of culture, sport, history and art, there is plenty of opportunity to expand education beyond the classroom in Birmingham.

Why playgrounds are an essential part of primary school life

Play is more than just the chance to run around outside for a quarter of an hour. Play is just as importance in the development of a pupil’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development as classroom learning, says Neil Coleman of Outdoor Play and Learning CIC.

It is human nature to seek the assurance that you are not too out of line with your peers. Therefore, in the last issue of Education Business, we invited Mark Rosser, of the British Educational Suppliers Association, to examine research into the current levels of resources and budgets in schools, focusing on technology. This month, Mark considers non-technology resources.

Digital deliberations – getting to grips with the new computing curriculum

With new GCSEs being introduced and a large percentage of teachers concerned over their computing knowledge, the BCS Academy’s Niel McLean looks at what’s next for the subject.

Calling for better education for cyber security

James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, discusses the cyber threats that the education sector is facing and the best ways to counteract them.

First aid – going beyond the call of duty

The benefits of knowing first aid go beyond being able to apply a bandage. St John Ambulance’s Andrew New discusses first aid in schools, and the importance of teaching the next generation.

The importance of the fire alarm log book in schools

Familiarity with fire drill procedures should be a prominent aspect of a teacher’s knowledge of the school. Catherine Nelms, of the Fire Industry Association, outlines why using the fire alarm log book is vital for schools across the country.

Schools depend upon a reliable fuel source that is safe, clean and meets their individual needs. Education Business examines how efficient heating and lighting can make a real difference.

While the majority of parents and schools recognise the benefits of their children learning about and from the outdoors, there is a dramatic reduction in time spent out of the classroom. BESA’s Mark Rosser invites member Mark Brown of TG Escapes to question why there is no improvement and offer his advice to schools on reaping the benefits of the outdoor learning environment.

Why prevention is always better than cure

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors explains why maintenance is always better than refurbishment when it comes to roofing.

Collaboration, imagination and sensible budgeting

The rpa:group discuss the architectural design of schools, the planning that goes into meeting standards and the changing appearance of the classroom.

Changes in buying behaviours and increased workloads means that many schools are changing the way they purchase goods and services. Education Business revisits procurement advice from ESPO for time-strapped school buyers.

CCTV in schools has the potential to split opinion - necessary safety measure or intrusion of privacy? James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, explores how new smarter security systems are making schools safer.

Educational trips can broaden students horizons. Jane Cooper, of the Countryside Education Trust in the New Forest, regularly witnesses how school trips can connect people with the countryside. Having hosted thousands of school visits over the last 40 years, she shares her experiences

Gill Harvey, general manager of the School Travel Forum, offers advice for making school trip planning as thorough and worry-free as possible.

As the changes facing schools become more vast and intricate, it is crucial that schools build relationships and effectively engage with external influencers, says Emma Williams, executive director of PTA UK.

On 17-19 March 2016, thousands of educators came together at the NEC, Birmingham, for the 26th Education Show, looking to gather new ideas and insights to improve teaching and learning.