With obesity levels soaring amongst children, the Children’s Commissioner for England’s report Playing Out highlights the importance of play and physical activity in children

Playgrounds are included in the government’s Healthy Pupil Capital Fund, which goes towards building projects that could help tackle obesity and inactivity in children and young people

Earlier this year, Education Secretary Damian Hinds pledged to tackle teacher workload, drive recruitment and boost the retention of teachers. We look at what the DfE is doing to achieve these aims

Schools are being urged to make themselves aware of upcoming changes to government energy legislations that will affect their businesses and management of their energy consumption.

Ofsted's Annual report finds that while the overall quality of education is improving, more action is needed to support the children being left behind.

Each year in England and Wales, more than 1,300 educational buildings suffer fires large enough for the fire and rescue service to be called out. Each building must therefore have a fire risk assessment

Thousands of young people are currently breathing in our cities’ toxic air in playgrounds and classrooms. Graeme McCutcheon examines how to protect children by improving school design

The Land Trust has launched a three-year education strategy to encourage more children to get out of the classroom and learn in an outdoor environment.

Chris Russell, REC policy advisor, explains how a specialist recruiter is an important resource when schools need to find staff quickly


Schools that make a purchase over the relevant EU threshold now need to carry out all communication relevant to the tender electronically. Crescent Purchasing Consortium explains

BESA is working closely with the DfE to deliver its EdTech ambition, which is to help school leaders use technology to improve education outcomes, efficiencies and achieve a better workload balance

There is a lot of focus this year on STEM in schools, with the ‘Year of Engineering’ drawing to a close. So what better time to give 3D printing a go? We reviewed the Dremel DigiLab

With research showing that 70 per cent of state-funded schools in England are not ‘fit for purpose’, Education Business examines the extent of the problem and what is being done to address it

This year we have seen some bold statements focusing on food as childhood obesity’s biggest issue. Chris Wright discusses a renewed focus and the role sport can play

National School Meals Week takes takes place this week and will see a host of events celebrating all that is great about a healthy school meal. Here’s what is happening

Following the collapse of Carillion, Oxfordshire County Council brought the catering service for its 54 primary schools in-house and gave it a major rebrand. Gail Witchell explains the processs

As the new academic year begins, it is time to start thinking about the new and exciting technology that will help enhance teaching and learning at Bett 2019

The UK’s leading education buildings and learning spaces event is back on 16-17 October at Manchester Central, with over 100 exhibitors and speakers, five stages and seven interactive feature areas